Slackfit Programmes

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to new heights? Get ready to shake up your group exercise timetable with SlackFit. Check out our range of dynamic and engaging fitness and exercise programmes designed to challenge physical abilities, energise workouts, and deliver incredible results.

Choose the SlackFit programme that speaks to your tribe and get ready for an extraordinary fitness journey. Click on the links to learn more about each programme and start your SlackFit adventure today!

SlackFit Energy

Unlock a world of high-energy movements and exhilarating routines with SlackFit Energy. This programme combines dynamic slackline exercises with cardio intervals, getting your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing. Improve balance, coordination, and stamina in an electrifying atmosphere. Ready to ignite your inner fire?

SlackFit Core

Discover the power of a strong and stable centre with SlackFit Core. Engage your abdominal muscles, improve your posture, and enhance overall body control through targeted slackline exercises. Challenge your balance, activate deep stabilising muscles, and stand taller with better posture. Ready to find your core?

SlackFit Strength

Build incredible strength with SlackFit Strength. This programme targets major muscle groups through challenging slackline exercises and resistance training. Push your limits, sculpt your physique, and conquer gravity to emerge stronger than ever. Ready to unleash your beast?

SlackFit Step

Elevate your fitness experience with SlackFit Step. This programme combines invigorating step-based routines with dynamic movements that set you apart. Improve cardiovascular endurance, calorie burn, and lower body strength while enjoying an engaging workout. Ready to elevate your fitness?

Ages 3-4 and 5-7

SlackFit Kids

Prepare to elevate your children's offering with SlackFit Kids - a dynamic and innovative programme, seamlessly combining fitness and fun. Perfect for health clubs, leisure centres, community centres, children's activity providers, and schools!

SlackFit Kids introduces youngsters to a world of adventure, where balance and coordination are honed through immersive games and challenges. Let them bounce, fly, jump, and twist their way through themed journeys while uncovering the benefits of balance!

Ages 8+

SlackFit Tricks

Get set for the ultimate trick-based class! Explore new movements, master tricks, and boost creativity in an energy-fuelled and playful environment.

SlackFit Tricks is where action meets energy, and fitness blends with coordination. Dive into the exciting world of the Giboard as you enhance balance, coordination, and agility. Let your young people's creativity run wild with endless list of tricks and challenges.

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