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Are you a retailer looking to expand your product offerings and provide your customers with top-quality products?

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The Gibbon Advantage

Partnering with Gibbon comes with a myriad of advantages. As a retail partner, you gain access to our extensive range of premium slackline products, including our renowned Gibboards, SlackRacks, and accessories.Our products are meticulously crafted, ensuring unrivalled quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

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Partnering with Gibbon opens doors to new customer segments and expands your reach in the adventure and outdoor sports market.With our diverse range of products, you'll attract a wide range of customers, from beginners looking to start their slacklining journey to seasoned professionals seeking the latest advancements in the sport.

Strengthen Your Brand Identity

By incorporating Gibbon products into your inventory, you'll enhance your brand identity and position yourself as a go-to destination for slacklining enthusiasts. Our brand carries a reputation for excellence, innovation, and adventure, making it an ideal addition to your product selection.

Dedicated Support and Training

At Gibbon, we believe in the success of our retail partners. That's why we provide dedicated support and training to ensure a seamless integration of our products into your business.

Our team is available to answer your questions, provide product knowledge, and assist you in optimising your sales strategy.

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