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Welcome to Gibbon, where we bring the thrill of slacklining to the commercial market. Discover our exceptional range of products designed to transform your space into a hub of adventure, excitement and engagement.

Innovative, versatile, and ready to elevate your commercial space. Designed for durability and performance, these professional-grade slackline systems offer endless opportunities for engagement, training, and entertainment.

Challenge your members, clients, or guests to conquer balance, build strength, and unleash their potential.

With the Giboard and Slackrack, your facility becomes a dynamic hub of fitness, adventure, and memorable experiences.


Shake up your fitness and exercise timetable with our NEW SlackFit programmes. Check out our range of dynamic, engaging and high-energy programmes for adults and young people, designed to challenge physical abilities, create fun and energised workouts, and deliver incredible results.

Group Bundles (11 Giboards)

x11 Giboard Sets (price includes x1 FREE)
Mix and Match the Different Giboard Sets!

Group Bundles (21 Giboards)

x21 Giboard Sets (price includes x2 FREE)
Mix and Match the Different Giboard Sets!

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