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Where was Gibbon established?

Gibbon was founded in Germany in 2007 and has since expanded globally, offering slackline products and accessories worldwide.

What is slacklining?

Slacklining is a balance sport involving walking or performing tricks on a flexible line tensioned between two anchor points, enhancing balance and core strength.

Is slacklining dangerous?

When practiced with proper safety precautions, slacklining is relatively safe. Start at lower heights, use protective gear, and follow instructions to minimise risks.

Is it better to slackline with shoes or barefeet?

It's a personal preference. Some prefer barefeet for better grip and feel, while others opt for shoes for added protection and stability.

Does Gibbon organise or sponsor slacklining events or competitions?

Gibbon actively sponsors and participates in slacklining events and competitions globally. Stay updated with Gibbon's website or social media channels for information on upcoming events, competitions, and gatherings within the slacklining community.

Can I book Gibbon UK for events?

Yes, Gibbon UK often accommodates event bookings for demonstrations, workshops, or team-building exercises. Contact us directly at for inquiries.

Is there a Gibbon community or forum where users share tips and experiences?

Engage with the vibrant Gibbon community across social media platforms. These forums provide an avenue to connect with other users, share experiences, and exchange valuable tips and insights related to slacklining and Gibbon products.

How can I participate in Gibbon-hosted workshops or training sessions?

Keep an eye on Gibbon's official website and social media for announcements regarding workshops or training sessions. These events often offer valuable guidance, tips, and hands-on experience provided by experts to help improve slacklining skills.

How do I become a Gibbon UK affiliate?

Contact Gibbon UK directly through our website or email to inquire about our affiliate programme and application process. More details and information can be found at

How do I contact customer support?

You can reach our customer support team via email at We're also available on social media platforms for assistance.

What is the recommended age range for using Gibbon Slacklines?

Gibbon Slacklines products can be enjoyed by individuals of various ages. However, close adult supervision is advised for younger users, typically below the age of 12.

Are Gibbon Slacklines weather-resistant?

Most Gibbon Slacklines products are designed to withstand outdoor elements. However, extended exposure to harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or rain might affect the lifespan of the Gibbon Slackline products.

Do you offer tutorials or training resources for beginners?

Gibbon provides accessible beginner tutorials and training resources through our website or app. These resources cater to newcomers, offering foundational knowledge and techniques necessary to start and progress in the world of slacklining.

Are there recommended progression steps for improving slacklining skills?

We recommend a gradual approach to skill development in slacklining. Starting with fundamental balance exercises, users can progress to more advanced tricks or longer lines as you enhance their proficiency and confidence.

Can I use Gibbon Slacklines for group activities or events?

Absolutely! Gibbon Slacklines products are great for group activities and events, promoting teamwork, fitness, and a fun social experience. Ensure proper setup and safety precautions for all participants.

You may also be interested in our SlackFit programmes to deliver group exercise, fitness and rehabilitation. You can find more details on our website at

Are there specific safety guidelines for using Gibbon Slacklines?

Yes, always follow the manufacturer's safety guidelines and instructions provided with your Gibbon Slackline products.

Can I set up Gibbon Slackline products indoors?

Yes, certain Gibbon Slacklines products, like the SlackRack and Giboard, are suitable for indoor use. Ensure you have adequate space to set them up safely.

Can Gibbon Slacklines products be used for yoga or meditation practices?

Yes, certain Gibbon Slacklines products, like the SlackRack and Giboard, are suitable for indoor use. Ensure you have adequate space to set them up safely.

How do I leave a review?

You can leave a review our Gibbon UK website by navigating to the product you wish to review and finding the "Write a Review" option. Alternatively, check for review options on social media platforms, Google, or other review websites.

How does Gibbon approach sustainability in its product manufacturing?

We emphasise sustainability in our manufacturing practices, striving to minimise environmental impact. This includes using eco-conscious materials and implementing eco-friendly processes to create our slackline products, aligning with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Are Gibbon products made from eco-friendly materials or practices?

We prioritise the use of eco-friendly materials in our products, often incorporating recycled or sustainable materials where possible. This dedication reflects our commitment to producing environmentally conscious gear for slacklining enthusiasts.


How do I choose the right Gibbon slackline product for my skill level?

To select the appropriate Gibbon slackline for your skill level, consider the line's width and tension.

Beginners often benefit from wider lines with lower tension for stability, while intermediate to advanced users might prefer thinner, longer lines suitable for tricklining or highlining, providing more challenge and versatility based on skill progression.

Can you help me understand the differences between Gibbon Giboards?

Gibbon offers various Giboards, however, all Giboards are designed for various use cases, ideal for balance training, advanced manoeuvres and tricks, meaning that the Giboard is adaptable and will always meet you at your preferred skill and ability level.

Can I leave the Giboard set up all the time?

Yes, the Giboard is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it's recommended to store it indoors when not in use for prolonged durability.

What's the maximum weight load?

The maximum weight load for the Giboard is detailed on each product page. Please refer to the product manual for detailed weight specifications.

What does your Giboard set contain?

The Giboard set typically includes the Giboard balance board and necessary accessories for assembly. Refer to the product description for specific inclusions.

Where can I buy spare/replacement parts?

For spare parts, please check our Accessories tag on our store - we offer webbing sets, ready to mix and match on your Giboard deck.

Where can I find the product batch code on my Gibbon slackline?

The batch code can be found on the label attached to either the slackline, or the ratchet band. It will start with “PO” followed by a number.

Where can I find the user manual?

The user manual can be found in all product packaging, on our website, or alternatively on the Gibbon Slackapp.

What materials is the Giboard made of?

The Giboard is typically constructed from high-quality FSC certified wood or composite materials, ensuring durability and a solid surface for balance training.

Can I do tricks on the Giboard?

Absolutely! The Giboard is designed for balance training and tricks, allowing for various exercises and movements to enhance skills.

Is the Giboard suitable for all ages?

Yes, the Giboard is designed to be versatile and suitable for users of various ages and skill levels. However, adult supervision might be necessary for younger users.

How frequently should I inspect my Gibbon Slackline products for wear and tear?

Regularly inspect your Gibbon Slackline products before and after each use. Look for signs of fraying, cuts, or damage to the webbing, and replace it if you notice any significant wear to ensure safety.

Regularly clean your slackline to remove dirt or debris that might affect its performance. Store it in a cool, dry place when not in use to prolong its lifespan and avoid unnecessary wear.

My Gibbon Slackline is damaged after excessive/wrong use, can I still continue using it?

We do not recommend using your Gibbon Slackline if there is any noticeable damage to the webbing, the ratchet, or any other part of the system.

Can I use the Giboard on different surfaces?

The Giboard works best on flat and stable surfaces. It's suitable for use on hardwood floors, carpets, or grassy areas, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

Does the Giboard require any maintenance?

Generally, the Giboard requires minimal maintenance. Keep it clean and dry, and avoid exposing it to extreme weather conditions to prolong its lifespan.

How do I increase the tension on my Giboard?

To increase tension on your Giboard, utilise the Tension Stick or the Tension Support Strap to increase the tension of your slackline on your Giboard.

Are there specific shoes recommended for using the Giboard?

While not mandatory, using shoes with good grip can enhance stability and safety while using the Giboard. Trainers or athletic shoes with good traction are often recommended.

What is the difference between the Slackrack Classic and the Slackrack Fitness?

Both products are similar. The main difference being the line used and the extra accessories coming with the Slackrack Fitness.

For the Slackrack Fitness, the line is thinner and therefore generates more vibration, it also comes with a Tera band and a poster to practice different exercises.

We recommend the Slackrack Classic for a family use and the Slackrack Fitness for balance and coordination training

How do I assemble the SlackRack?

The SlackRack comes with detailed assembly instructions. It usually involves straightforward steps and doesn't require additional tools for setup.

Is the SlackRack suitable for outdoor use?

While primarily designed for indoor use, certain SlackRack models are built to withstand outdoor conditions. Check the product specifications to ensure suitability for outdoor setups.

How stable is the SlackRack during use?

The SlackRack is engineered for stability, offering a secure base for practicing slacklining. However, ensure it's set up on a flat, even surface for optimal stability.

Can I adjust the height of the SlackRack?

Some SlackRack models offer adjustable height settings, allowing you to customise the slackline's height based on your preference or skill level.

Can I use different lengths of slacklines with the SlackRack?

Most SlackRack models accommodate various lengths of slacklines. Always check the product specifications for compatibility with different line lengths.

Payment, Shipping and Warranty

What are your shipping rates?

Shipping rates vary depending on your location and the size/weight of the product. You can find shipping details during the checkout process.

How long will my delivery take?

Delivery times vary based on the shipping method chosen and your location. Typically, deliveries take 3-5 working days after processing.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept various forms of payment, including credit/debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and other secure online payment methods.

What do I do if my product is damaged?

Please contact our customer support immediately with details and photos of the damaged product, via We'll assist you with a replacement or refund per our warranty policy.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Orders can usually be changed or canceled within a specific timeframe after placement. Contact our support team as soon as possible for assistance, via

What is your returns policy?

We have a 14-day return policy for unused and undamaged products. Refer to our Returns Policy or contact support for detailed return instructions, via

Can I track my order?

Yes, once your order is processed and shipped, you'll receive a tracking number via email to track your package's status.

SlackFit Programmes

What is the SlackFit Programme?

The SlackFit Programme is a comprehensive group fitness and exercise programme designed to incorporate slacklining into your workout routine for improved balance, strength, and overall fitness.

SlackFit consists of several programmes such as SlackFit Strength, SlackFit Engery, SlackFit Core and SlackFit Step.

We also offer SlackFit Kids and SlackFit Tricks which are specifically designed for children and young people.

You can find more details on our website at

Gibbon Slackapp

How do I download the app?

Our app is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. You can find it on the App Store or Google Play by searching for "Gibbon Slacklines." You can also go to our App Website and download it from there:

How do I set up my Gibbon Slacklines product?

Please download the Gibbon Slackapp from any app store, it is free and has set up video tutorials for each product under the “Products” section!

How do I learn slacklining?

Please download the Gibbon Slackapp from any app store, it is free and has lots of beginner tutorials for any entry level!


What is Gibbon SlackSpot?

The Gibbon SlackSpot is a platform or resource provided by Gibbon that helps users locate suitable and optimal spots for setting up various types of slacklines.

Whether you're looking for spots for Highline, Waterline, Trickline, or Beginner setups, SlackSpot offers guidance and suggestions to find the perfect locations for your preferred slacklining activities. It assists in discovering safe and appropriate areas tailored to different slackline styles and skill levels.

You can access SlackSpot here,

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