Giboard Deck - Roots Rocker

By Gibbon

Step into the heart of the forest and revel in the untamed energy with the Giboard Deck - Roots Rocker. Whether you call it the "Sasquatch," or the"Yeti," we all know its the Gibbon that is a force of nature in the wilderness. Rooted in the very essence of nature, the Roots Rocker invites you to reconnect with your origins and rock out with the elements.
  • Wilderness Connection: Immerse yourself in the untamed spirit of nature as you step onto the Roots Rocker Board.
  • Earthy Brown Elegance: Embrace the warmth of the deck's brown color that mirrors the organic tones of the forest.
  • Length and Organic Flow: With a length of 106 cm, the Roots Rocker beckons you to sway with nature's rhythm.
  • Double Slackline Discovery: Extend your horizons by attaching 2 slacklines, unlocking a world of endless possibilities.
  • QR Pathway to GibbonApp: Scan the QR on the deck and enter the GibbonApp, where tutorials and exercises await your exploration.
  • Protection and Patents: Rest easy knowing the Roots Rocker deck boasts surface protection and a patented design.
  • Sustainable Craftsmanship: Crafted from EU-sourced wood approved by FCS, merging your slacklining journey with eco-consciousness.
Call Of The Wild
Transport yourself to the heart of the forest, embracing the untamed spirit that the Roots Rocker embodies.

Earthy Charm
Radiate the earth's warmth and authenticity with the deck's captivating brown hue, a tribute to the forests natural tones.

Nature's Flow
With a length of 106 cm, the Roots Rocker becomes your platform for swaying with nature's rhythm and flow.

Double the Possibilities
Expand your horizons with 2 attached slacklines, inviting endless variations and discoveries.

Wisdom Scan the QR code for instant access to the Gibbon App – your guide to tutorials, exercises, and community-driven programmes.

Protected and Unique
Revel in the deck's surface protection and patented design, ensuring durability and distinction.
Eco-Friendly Bond
Traverse the deck's surface with the knowledge that it's crafted from EU wood endorsed by FCS, merging nature's essence with sustainability.

Get back to nature with the Roots Rocker. The earthy brown hue reflects your connection to the wild, and with every sway, you celebrate the untamed spirit that dwells within. The QR code is your portal to the Gibbon App. Tutorials, exercises, and a community-driven training programme await, enhancing your slacklining journey with nature's wisdom. The Roots Rocker is a celebration of nature; an invitation to get back to our roots and run barefoot wild! Whether in the sanctuary of your home or amidst the great outdoors, let your slacklining practice echo the rhythms of nature.

Elevate Your Flow. Celebrate Nature. The Giboard Deck - Roots Rocker isn't just a deck; it's an invitation to celebrate the wild and reconnect with nature's essence. Whether in the sanctuary of your home or amidst the great outdoors, let your slacklining practice echo the rhythms of nature. From now on you will receive a free training programme developed by our community. Click on the following link and get more information:
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